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Mr. and Mrs. Walker sign as new owners of this property. It has been Mrs. Walkers' dream to be able to provide safe affordable housing within the City and County.  

20190228_161339 (003).jpg

February 28, 2019: Closing on

207 Kalmon Avenue, Albany Georgia


3719 Radial Avenue Closing

3917 radial

Mrs. Denise Clark alongside Stacie Mote, Paralegal with the City Attor-ney’s office on April 25, 2019. Mrs. Clark and her husband Tyrone are the new owners of 3719 Radial Avenue, Albany, Georgia. Residents of Worth County, Mr. and Mrs. Clark desired to relocate to Dougherty County. Mrs. Clark is an employee of the City of Albany and the first to take advantage of the “City/County Employee” incentive program to acquire property through the Land Bank at a very affordable price. The property located within Dougherty County District 6, was tax delinquent, overgrown and host to a structure which needed much TLC. Mr. and Mrs. Clark aspire to have completely rehabilitated the property within 18 months. The Land Bank is excited to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Clark to Dougherty County as homeowners. Another Vacant to Vibrant success.

April 25, 2019: Closing on
3719 Radial Avenue, Albany Georgia


Third Kiokee Baptist Church

1700 S. Madison St. Albany Georgia

2812 Astoria Closing 11-22-2019 (1)

2812 Astoria Closing 11-22-2019 (1)

4705 Saville Closing 11-22-2019 (2)

4705 Saville Closing 11-22-2019 (2)

2506 Bridgeboro closing

2506 Bridgeboro closing

The albany/dougherty county land Bank board of directors attended:

2019 reclaiming vacant properties conference
        October 2nd thru 4th  2019
      Atlanta Marriott marquis

Photos from the conference


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