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 Please be reminded the properties that are listed are not currently owned by the Land Bank. Properties applied for will be processed through a Judicial Tax Abatement Procedures. 

DISCLAIMER: Clicking on parcel information links viewers to the property card of described property. Clicking opens  in a separate window. Qpublic is a public site that when explored provides property cards for all properties within Dougherty County Georgia. Be Advised NOT all properties viewed in Qpublic are tax delinquent. 

For Immediate Purchase

Land Bank Owned Parcels

The listed parcels are for immediate sale. Applications are required. The purchase prices are listed for each parcel. Click on the properties for purchase tab to view available Land Bank owned parcels. Applications will be reviewed by the Land Bank Board of Directors. Applicants will be notified of the Boards decision. The Land Bank Board of Directors reserves the right to select the application that best serves the priorities of the land bank and its commitment to increasing homeownership and improved affordable housing within Albany and Dougherty County. 

As a developer seeking opportunity to improve affordable housing, expand economic growth, and sustain our live, work and play atmosphere, we encourage your interest in Albany and Dougherty County

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